Side Event Announcement

This information for Side Events.

Guidelines for Organizers of Side Events
Our Ocean Conference 2018, Bali 29-30 October 2018

  1. The proposed side event should be closely related to the goals and objectives of Our Ocean 2018 and should reflect an approach to the overarching theme and areas of action to be discussed during the conference. The side event should constitute a potential contribution to the outcome of Our Ocean.
  2. In order to ensure that as many organizers can be involved as possible, side event proposals should be based on collaborative partnering and involving several co-organizers.
  3. One of the co-organizers of the proposed side event should be designated as lead organizer. A co-organizer cannot be designated as a lead organizer of more than one side event
  4. Our Ocean 2018’s Team will prepare comprehensive list of side events and will provide an update on our website,
  5. Publicizing a side event is the responsibility of its organizers. Our Ocean 2018's Team will not produce fliers, distribute notices, or engage in other publicity efforts for side events. Organizers are encouraged to refrain or extremely limit the amount of information materials including flyers, brochures and publications.
  6. Side events are open to all organizations participating at Our Ocean 2018. Organizers of closed events or events aiming for an exclusive audience are advised to obtain alternative locations.
  7. Our Ocean 2018’s Team will make every effort to accommodate all eligible requests for side events. However, due to the high level of demand expected for side events during the Conference, it might not be possible to accommodate all requests in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. Side events held outside the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, in preferred locations in Bali, are invited to coordinate with Our Ocean 2018’s Team.
  8. Organizers are encouraged to coordinate with Secretariat OOC 2018 prior to the start of the side event, otherwise relevant services cannot be provided at the venue. For additional information and reservation, kindly contact Mr. Andreas Mahardika (email:; texted/whatapps only: +62 8564 888 1666).
  9. Organizers should plan to hold their event in English or make their own interpretation arrangements as interpretation services are not available for side event.
  10. Activities that involve food or beverage, such as receptions and cocktails, are allowed only in the designated areas and must be arranged with Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center catering services. Our Ocean 2018’s Team will not facilitate such arrangements. For further questions and arrangements regarding catering services at the venue, kindly contact [PT. Royalindo Expoduta]
  11. The side event organizers are responsible to make arrangements regarding access including individuals, invited as speakers or guests through coordination with Our Ocean 2018’s Team. The Ground passes will be divided into 2 (two) categories: full access and limited access. Considering the plenary is limited for the high level participants with full access badge, the other participants will be provided with limited access for the side event and exhibition.